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Unexpected author

In a former life, Christina Howell was a project manager for an international tech corporation in Kansas City, USA.  She knew she loved to read, loved telling stories, and enjoyed writing her blog Go Find Glow but never thought about writing professionally until life kept handing her incredibly entertaining and unbelievable stories. She eventually acknowledged that her life was stranger than fiction and began work on her memoir, Magicians, Cross-dressers and My Uterus.

She leads the Memoir Mentors group and co-hosts the Creative Questers podcast and community. 

Writing Projects


Magicians Crossdressers and My Uterus Book Cover Christina Howell

Magicians, Cross Dressers, and My Uterus

A Memoir

Magicians, Cross-Dressers and My Uterus is a comedic story of optimism quickly replaced by bewilderment and disbelief at the array of strange dates balanced against a 12 year marriage. Disappointment morphs into amusement as one strange story after another unfolds and eventually force her to question the one thing that all of these stories have in common, herself.

This Isn’t About a Lake House

In this braided narrative, the author grapples with her husbands desires and her own and how patterns from childhood reemerge and influence perceptions. Through this intricate interplay, the essay illustrates how the threads of personal history and present choices are woven into the fabric of one’s life, ultimately urging readers to confront recurring patterns and find the courage to break free for a more fulfilling future.


My Uterus is Fine, Thanks for Asking

Is procreation and expanding the gene pool still the end-all be-all of human existence? Though more and more people choose not to have children, the assumption remains that the goal in this game of life is to get married and have children. Of course, this is especially true for women. This essay will resonate with anyone who is tired of hearing about biological clocks or of others telling them what they should do with their bodies.


True Love, Fairytales, and George R.R. Martin

In this witty and introspective essay, Christina explores her conflicting views on love and relationships. She grapples with the desire for a fairy tale romance while resisting the idea of settling for less. As she contemplates the trade-offs between singlehood and love, Christina confronts the question of whether the risk of love is worth the potential reward, or whether it is more like a fairytale written by George R.R. Martin.


100×100 Volume 1

This anthology contains eight of my 100-word stories. This has been such a fun project. This volume collects 100 of the best stories from the first year of the Creative Questers100wordproject, which encourages its members to write a new story each month on a specific theme.

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